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Solution for Exporting to China
We offer export solutions for the market with rapid growth in consumption and imports. With our strategic office in Guangzhou, Guangzhou, and strong partnerships in São Paulo and Curitiba, Brazil, we are committed to providing comprehensive services to manufacturing companies looking to enter the Chinese market.
How can we help?

Feasibility study and case studies

Our experienced team conducts in-depth market research, offering tailored strategies backed by successful case studies. We guide you through the complexities of the Chinese market, helping you avoid losses and optimize investments.

Compliance control

Navigating the regulatory landscape is crucial to successful market entry. Our compliance control service ensures your business operations are aligned with Chinese regulations, minimizing risks and ensuring a smooth export process.

Representation Development

Identifying potential representatives is crucial. Our team presents your offerings to the Chinese market and selects and develops potential business partners, ensuring compatibility and mutual success.

Attend China Fairs

CIIE is the largest import-themed fair in China. In addition to CIIE, there are other thematic fairs held annually in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hongkong. Over the next five years, China expects to import products and services valued at more than $10 billion, providing a huge opportunity for companies around the world to enter the huge Chinese market.
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